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  • We do marketing in the "New Normal" During this uncertain situation and thrive on the new normal, we came up with innovative solutions using technology that help brands to keep communicating with their target audience on specific platforms.  

  • Quality is prerequisite All elements are refined and unified in the planning stage to ensure complete KPIs at the highest quality.

  • Realistic Performance True reflection of market information and result as the core helps improve the performance of truly constructive and inherited projects between deployments.

With each assigned job, we always see opportunities that come from: propose new ideas, look for more efficient implementation, as well as be aware and use optimal resources! ...; It is the energy that helps Nhat Nguyet to maintain and develop various types of services in the BTL, over the last decade!

About Us

Nhat Nguyet has the ability to deploy a wide range of operations on a nationwide scale, planning a simultaneous monitoring of multiple channels to achieve goals with the advantage of: high speed-quality-with competitive price; Through the advantages: 

  • Scalable organization, flexible project, with 4 offices in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Can Tho, Da Nang;

  • Experienced staff, knowledgeable about customers and domestic market;

  • Proactive progress in the design, In-house POSM production factory help us run campaign quickly and smoothly;

  • Standardized procedures: part-time staff recruitment and training, reporting and update, warehousing and shipping system.

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We are full service 
BTL agency
  • Maximum
  • customization
  • programs
We optimized our execution plan for each province base on our knowledge of market to maximize your KPIs.
  • Real-time
  • feedback &
  • Realty results.
Real-time check staff via our web application (GPS & pictures_ check-in, check-out at working locations); Collect supporting information via survey/ report templates were tailor-made for each program; Build sales historical data for reference.
  • Cost effective &
  • Performance
  • balance
Regardless the program scale we always dedicate our suitable resources to accomplish our work at the highest standard.
Our commitment
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